If I was Satan

If I was Satan I would play just as seems to be happening all around us.  This is not from a holy roller perspective nor do I believe in a figure of an evil-doer with a pitch fork and red skin.  No, that is not sophisticated enough for such a high standing figure of the human experience.

If I was Satan, I would not reside over there but within each of us.  A perfect set up by which we are unsure if it is truly us doing such things.  A perfect humanistic approach to the dark and light side of personality.  How sophisticated is that where someone, or something else does something and we think we did it…That is how you mess with a person’s mind.

If I was Satan, I would play both sides.  I would make things that are inherently destructive to be perceived as good and/or enjoyable.  A pleasure with no victim but the slow degradation of a person’s spirit.  I would cloud it in the “why not” factor that has the ability to rationalise behaviour up until it becomes law.

If I was Satan, I would use the weakness of language to manipulate the law in a way that benefits the most clever.  I would make sure the law has a sense of history that reminds people of past human regressions.  The “remember when we used to” is a powerful way to ensure that grievances stay alive and relevant.

If I was Satan, I would take things that have definition and un-define them.  Then I would take those things that have no definition and define them.  Nothing more defined than the physical manifestation of male and female…nope, that is destroyed and undefined.  How about skin colour which is by no means even close to black and white but rather shades of brown.  As they say, more difference within a particular group of people then between a group of people.

If I was Satan, I would close the minds of many to any options of thinking in a different way even if to just be able to gain a better understanding of the world around us.  Nope cannot have that.  We are on a big blue marble hurdling through space and you want to take a stance on science or spirituality…wake up.

If I was Satan, I would normalise perversion.  I would use the boiling frog principle to slowly shift minds.  I would play the generations game and not worry about changing any older generations.  This counter point is precisely the friction that is needed.  ” I am not you Dad!”

If I was Satan I would celebrate those that achieved greatness in my name without me being named.  I would have monuments and eternal flames burning to show the people just how lowly they are compared to those that have served me. I would make them feel as if there is something wrong with them if they cannot achieve such things in his or her own lifetime.

If I was Satan, I would make bad food abundant.  I would give man the formula for the perfect balance between sugar and fat that the physical body cannot resist.  I would make the human race one of gold fish like quality that will eat itself to oblivion.  I would use this bounty as a friction point with those without.

If I was Satan, when those that went to the doctor for bad diet that I helped establish, the “doctors” would prescribe bad medicine.  This medicine would follow my same formula for pleasure and pain.  Give relief but with a powerful payback in spiritual death and immorality based on a disconnect between actions and feelings.  Do something bad?  Pop and pill and feel good.  Do something bad…feel good.  Perfect.

If I was Satan, I would take cement and cover nature with parking lots.  I would seek ways to put squares of architecture wherever I could.  I would ignore the ability to design structure with nature and natural lines in compliment with our environment.  I am not talking about anti-progress or the “back to nature” approach, those are my friction points.  No, I would seek abomination of the beauty in nature by the means of progress and civilisation.  A cloaked destruction.

If I was Satan, I would accept my loses to a good church at the same time establish a powerful church that was more concerned with its own existence than any individual.  The church, itself would be sanctified and worshiped with gold and lavish surroundings of material enjoyments of this world.

I guess, in the end, if I was Satan, I would do exactly as seems to be happening around us.   The question of the existence of Satan is not relevant.  The deeds of Satan are there. Therefore should we not acknowledge, with an open mind, that perhaps there is a satan?


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